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So this is the New Year…

I just have to say that I love that song and every New Year I sing it to myself.  I’ve decided to make some resolutions for myself, if you will.  I like to think of them more as tweaks and plans to help me enjoy life more. 

One of my absolute favorite quotes is:

“In a world where you can be anything be yourself.” 

Well, I haven’t felt like I’ve been being myself.  I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of making excuses and some days I see myself being more bitter than happy which is never a good thing.  I find myself trapped in what ifs, pity and sometimes resentment.  It’s not a good fit for me and my family. 

This year I resolve to teach myself that I am perfect, my family is perfect and our situation(s) with life are indeed perfect. 

To help myself I outlined some goals and here is the reason for all of this…


Our home

_ Clean and organize home office

_ Clean and organize front porch into play center

_ Clean and organize basement

_ Create craft center in basement

Our finances

_ Automate ALL of our bills

_ Setup ING online savings

  1. Emergency Fund
  2. Tattoo
  3. Camera

_ Cut back on thoughtless/impulse spending

_ Eliminate half our debts (not including mortgage)


Write, read and share more

_ Monthly freelance article(s)

_ 2-3 blog posts per week

Take a class (or classes)

_ Communication/Writing

_ Marketing

_ Design

_ Programming

Grow Diaper Parties business

_ One party per month

_ One expo per year

_ Monthly guest posting for promotion


_Craft more (in organized craft center!)

_Get tattoo (with ING savings!)

_Do more activities with the family


_Limit soda to one a week

_Walk more (especially with J)

_Laugh more, love more, be present, be authentic 🙂

I’m sure I’ll come back to add, delete and move things around. But, it’s a start. I don’t resolve to do everything at once and I don’t even know if I’ll accomplish everything that I “want” because life always has different plans that come up.

My number one goal for myself in 2011 is NO MORE EXCUSES for not living and enjoying the life that I currently have. No more what ifs only what is

Do you have any resolutions or goals for yourself?  Why did you decide on your resolution/goal?  How do you plan on accomplishing it/them?


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The Holidays – AKA Toy Explosion

I’m upset with myself because I couldn’t find my camera and it’s still missing. 

Z in the tissue

Needless to say I only captured a few pictures on my phone this holiday and they weren’t great (see kitty!?).  I didn’t get a picture of the tree full of presents on Christmas morning like I wanted.  I didn’t get a family photo of us all in our cute PJs.  I didn’t get pictures of J ripping open her gifts (which, she didn’t really do anyway she just liked a little strip of paper) and I didn’t get many pictures of her with family this year.  Mama of the year award coming my way for sure.

But, even so we did have a great time with all the family.  We had 5 celebrations for Christmas this year and luckily they were all in the same state!  We forgot to get the cat anything so we put out some tissue paper for her to play with and J unwrapped her like she was a gift.  J was quite pleased with herself 🙂

J sporting her Christmas atire

J seemed like she enjoyed playing with the tissue more than the 256 other toys that she got from family and friends.  Seriously, holy freaking toys batman.  I actually think she got overwhelmed with the new toys because she just spent most of her time playing with a piece of wrapping paper or a bow, ha.  It’s hard to even walk around our family room now because of the toy explosion and half of them (the big toys) are still in boxes in the front room.  I feel like a big donation will be happening shortly here.

How was your holiday break (if you had one)?  Did you have a lot of activities or did you keep it low key at home?

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Wordless Wednesday: My Birthday Girl

"It's squishy!"

"Hmmmm... I could probably eat this..."

"H, come here and help me eat this thing!"

"Time to get down and dirty!"

"Do I have something on my face!?"

J wasn’t too sure about the cake at first but she thought it was funny when she touched the frosting.  I didn’t think she was ever going to dig in so I kept cutting pieces out for her to grab.  I used a gluten free cake recipe and a sugar free frosting recipe but I did use a little food coloring to tint the frosting purple.  Hey, you win some, you lose some!  The food coloring didn’t seem to have any bad affect on her. 

Anyway, I can’t believe that my daughter is turning one tomorrow.  Happy Birthday, J, and happy birthing day to me!  I love you so much, kiddo!

Juliana @ 1 Week - Photo by Kim Youra


Checkout Kim Youra’s website; she does amazing maternity, newborn, kid and family sessions!


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Getting Over “Extended” Breastfeeding

My daughter is starting to cruise around the house all by herself now, it’s amazing.  On Thursday she’s going to be a year old, unfreakingbelievable!  But, *gasp* I’m “still” breastfeeding

Unfortunately, my youngest sister-in-law, B, has a daughter, A, that is about 4 months younger than J.  I say unfortunately because it seems like everything is a competition and everything I do is scrutinized against how B is doing things.  I really try to avoid getting wrapped up in mommy wars and I try to let people’s comments or pressure to change the way I’m doing things roll off my back (Pass the bean dip!) but I feel like it’s going to get worse over the next few years.

The latest is “Well, B is only going to breastfeed until A is one…”, “You’re still doing that?”, “When are you going to give her milk?” or “When are you going to stop?”  My answers: Oh, that’s cool.  Yep, still doin’ it!  She’s drinking milk right now… and she’ll stop when she’s ready.

My daughter is only a year old.  She nurses for nutrition and for comfort which she is obviously ok with and I’m obviously ok with so why does it matter to you?  What’s the point of asking these questions?  Why don’t you just tell me what’s on your mind instead of beating around the bush?

So, you know what?  Next time anyone asks me when I’m going to stop or if I’m still doing that I’ll simply ask why.  Really, why do you want to know?  What’s it to you?  Yes, my daughter can eat regular food but she still has a need to breastfed just as your son/daughter might need their bottle, pacifier, thumb and/or to be rocked, swayed or bounced. 

Breastfeeding offers amazing immunological and nutritional benefits plus it’s the perfect time for connection after being separated all day when I’m working.  Not to mention children who breastfeed for an “extended” amount of time also benefit from fewer allergies, they’re well adjusted, possibly smarter, AND mother (and daughter, if you have a girl) can benefit from reduced risk of MANY cancers.  (Get the fact sheet here.)

When kids have needs they express them and I believe in “giving in” to those needs not suppressing them with what I’m being told that they should or should not need.  If my daughter has a need to nurse, I let her.  Not because someone told me that was right or wrong but that’s what feels right to us.

I want to know why everyone has such an issue with “extended” breastfeeding because really, is it “extended”?  What is considered “extended”? 

In my eyes my daughter has a need and urge to nurse, so I let her and I’ll continue to let her until she and I are ready to stop.  I think a better way to look at it would be continued breastfeeding.  When is this magical time that it becomes “extended”?  I’m not extending anything and I don’t think my daughter is; we’re simply continuing to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding is natural.  Breastfeeding is normal.  Breastfeeding doesn’t become “extended” it just continues until the need is gone.  So, when you ask me why I’m still breastfeeding I’ll ask you why you’re still breathing.  Oh, because you need to?  Well, my daughter still needs to, too.

What are your experiences with “extended” breastfeeding?  When do you think it crosses over to “extended”?  Is it because of social pressure that you think it is now “extended” or personal beliefs?


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Wordless Wednesday – We Have a Walker!

J’s officially a walker…here she is with dad over the weekend but now she’s getting up and toddling on her own.  They grow so fast!

Notice her little “O” she did at the end there?  That’s her favorite new reaction to everything, it’s hilarious.

I’m really bad at keeping these posts wordless, ha!


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Formula Companies = Marketing Genius!?

With the rise of amazing communities like Best for Babes, Eats on Feets and Kellymom I’m sure Big Formula is feeling the hit.  Obviously since they’re loosing formula sales they need to take a step back and rethink their target market’s needs.  Hence, observe this new spin: Similac Mom

SIMILAC MOM is a nutritional snack or meal replacement to help pregnant women and breastfeeding moms meet their nutritional needs. SIMILAC MOM is to be used as part of an overall healthy diet that includes following doctor’s recommendations for using prenatal vitamins.”

Similac (Similacrap?) Mom

Really?  I mean, really?  Clearly this is a spin off of the product Ensure which is also an Abbott product… but MEAL REPLACEMENT?

If you’re pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or you’re a nursing mother please don’t fall victim to this company’s poor marketing tactic.  They’re marketing to moms who are unwittingly wrapped up in the disease called “Perfection” by throwing “meal replacement” in the product description which makes me sick. 

You don’t need this product to be healthy.  You don’t need this product to replace any of your meals.  This product is not a miracle that will forgive all your bad eating habits by simply having it as a snack or in the place of a meal! 

Do you want to have a healthy pregnancy?  Eat real, nutritious food, take a prenatal vitamin, exercise and keep yourself balanced.

Do you want to be a healthy nursing mother?  Eat real, nutritious food, take a prenatal vitamin, exercise and keep yourself balanced.

No disgusting meal replacement/snack smoothie needed. 

I foresee a product geared toward dad and his little swimmers next.  Or, is that too far?

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Wordless Wednesday: My Baby the “Trouble-maker”

Playing in the dirty laundry - what a ham!

"I thought it was body paint!"


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