The Holidays – AKA Toy Explosion

I’m upset with myself because I couldn’t find my camera and it’s still missing. 

Z in the tissue

Needless to say I only captured a few pictures on my phone this holiday and they weren’t great (see kitty!?).  I didn’t get a picture of the tree full of presents on Christmas morning like I wanted.  I didn’t get a family photo of us all in our cute PJs.  I didn’t get pictures of J ripping open her gifts (which, she didn’t really do anyway she just liked a little strip of paper) and I didn’t get many pictures of her with family this year.  Mama of the year award coming my way for sure.

But, even so we did have a great time with all the family.  We had 5 celebrations for Christmas this year and luckily they were all in the same state!  We forgot to get the cat anything so we put out some tissue paper for her to play with and J unwrapped her like she was a gift.  J was quite pleased with herself 🙂

J sporting her Christmas atire

J seemed like she enjoyed playing with the tissue more than the 256 other toys that she got from family and friends.  Seriously, holy freaking toys batman.  I actually think she got overwhelmed with the new toys because she just spent most of her time playing with a piece of wrapping paper or a bow, ha.  It’s hard to even walk around our family room now because of the toy explosion and half of them (the big toys) are still in boxes in the front room.  I feel like a big donation will be happening shortly here.

How was your holiday break (if you had one)?  Did you have a lot of activities or did you keep it low key at home?

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