Wordless Wednesday: Car Cart & Balloon

Hi Mr. Balloon...


Where'd you go, Mr. Balloon?


Get him, get him, get him!


Thanks Mom 🙂

J couldn’t get enough of that cart… I wish they had them at the grocery store!



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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Car Cart & Balloon

  1. That looks like one cool cart! And a cool cart AND a balloon?! What more could she ask for!?

  2. Love that series! How cute. Those carts are awesome! Except that I always feel like I’m pushing around a tank and keep running into displays and trying not to run into other people. 🙂

    A store near us opened recently and had balloons for the event. Now Mikko expects a balloon every time we shop. Strangely, there’s often someone to indulge him!

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network!

  3. I just saw your link posted over under the local groups area on the Natural Parents Network Facebook page. From the looks of your blog, I’d say we share some common sentiments! I’m in Waukesha, and my blog is Monkey Butt Junction. Pleased to “meet” you!

  4. This is a great series. I wish Little Man was excited about balloons. Sadly he is not. I just got him a balloon in the grocery store for his birthday. He was happy to see the balloons in the display but as soon as it was in our cart he got upset. He had to finish the shopping trip with my mom in another part of the store. Needless to say the balloon hid in our basement during his birthday too. poor guy just isn’t ready for balloons.
    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    • I do still get really nervous letting J play with balloons, though. She loves them but they’re really not the safest object for a toddler to play with. Once she starts going for the mouth it’s time to distract her with something new!

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