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Snow, snow, snow, snow.

Ok, so I’ve been slacking on the blogging front after that awesome giveaway I had. Sometimes life just gets crazy, other things take priority, and I get lazy! But, this past week has been H-E-C-T-I-C. My main job is as a buyer for the SE region of the states but I’m located up in Wisconsin, for those of you not in the know. Did you hear about The Snowcopalypse that came barreling through here!? It was insane.

But, since we knew it was coming Monday & Tuesday I had to go into hyperdrive trying to get caught up on work to leave early Tuesday and then have Wednesday off for our impeeding doom. Here’s what it looked like for those of you that didn’t experience the most amazing snowfall I’ve EVER SEEN.

My husband poucing his way to our garage...

Our house... we have a garage under our house on the left hand side that is MIA.

My husband bringing the neighbor some gas so he can snowblow himself out the rest of the way.


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Wordless Wednesday: My Baby the “Trouble-maker”

Playing in the dirty laundry - what a ham!

"I thought it was body paint!"


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Wordless Wednesday: Look, J’s Famous!

I have food poisioning and in an attempt to make me feel better my sister-in-law sent me these.  This is my absolute favorite picture of my daughter, J.

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